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Meet Alan J. Wilmarth

Learn how Alan J. Wilmarth  is transforming workplace wellness through behavioral health expertise. 

Alan J. Wilmarth  is an expert in the field of Behavioral Health. For 42 years, he served the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions, focusing on the wellness of healthcare employees through clinical and administrative engagement. Most recently, he served as the Administrative Director of Behavioral Health at United Health Services Hospitals, in Binghamton, NY. During his career with UHSH, Alan oversaw inpatient and outpatient services for addiction and psychiatric treatment programs. In this role—which he maintained through the COVID-19 pandemic—he witnessed firsthand the debilitating impacts of repeated stress that can lead to workplace violence.

Through Board positions, regional planning teams, and as a leading consultant, Alan has served addiction and mental health providers, hospital systems, and insurance companies in New York, Massachusetts, and Washington, D.C.

Today, Alan teaches workshops nationwide, revealing the mental health and performance impact of drugs in the workplace, substance use in adolescents, and the mental health and performance costs of working in high-stress environments.