Chuck Harder & Associates

Meet Chuck Harder

Meet the man behind the mission – Chuck Harder, a former police officer turned safety expert.

A natural-born protector, Founder Chuck Harder grew up in law enforcement, the son of the Sheriff of Broome County, in the area of Binghamton, New York. Chuck spent the first half of his career protecting the people of his community, first as a police officer for the City of Binghamton for more than 20 years, where he earned two Awards of Merit and a Life-Saving Award and became the first certified reality-based trainer in the department. He went on to serve as Assistant Team Leader for the City of Binghamton Metro SWAT team for 12 years, and as a Police Academy Lead Instructor.

A defining moment in his career occurred on April 3, 2009, when Chuck led the first group of five officers and detectives into an active shooter situation at the American Civic Association where 13 people were murdered in one of the worst mass shootings in America at that time. There he assisted in evacuating the injured and bringing the uninjured to safety while partnering with other SWAT Team members to secure the premises.

In response, later the same year, Chuck started a private business to increase security in regional schools, government buildings, commercial properties, and large venues. He further scaled the business to place and manage security guards in private college housing throughout New York. Expanding beyond hands-on security, Chuck began training employees with the goal of increasing situational awareness, better preparing them to mitigate workplace violence, and creating a plan for active shooter situations. Chuck and his team also coach executive leadership teams to increase drug awareness & detection. Along with educating teams on the looming mental health crisis and how to best navigate change in the workspace. Recently adding roadway security and awareness to best equip your team of knowledge to minimize risks and stay safe.

Chuck brings to his work a keen understanding of criminal psychology from Ithaca College, where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice & Sociology.  Learn more about Chuck on LinkedIn.