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As children, we naturally learn to pay attention to perceived threats to stay safe. This heightened state of being is called “situational awareness.” All of our experiences, knowledge, and intuition contribute to this skill, but the pressures and distractions of everyday life conspire to dull our senses and put us at risk. In this interactive training, we work to bring your team back to peak awareness; to notice things that are out of place, to actively assess threats, and to make quick decisions based on the information they have at the time.
Participants will minimize their risk by learning how to avoid complacency and pay attention, identify threats and gauge the danger they present, control their focus, trust their intuition, and act decisively in the face of a threat.



Situational awareness is a vital skill for individuals and organizations to have in today’s world. In corporate/healthcare, schools, faith-based, and law enforcement organizations, the stakes are high, and the consequences of not being prepared for the worst can be severe. Chuck Harder & Associates offers comprehensive situational awareness training, consulting, and security solutions to help organizations minimize their risk and stay safe. Our team of experienced trainers and consultants has a proven track record of success in providing situational awareness training to organizations of all sizes and industries. With Chuck Harder & Associates, you can feel confident that you are getting the best training available to prepare for the worst.


Our Situational Awareness Workplace Training course covers a wide range of skills and techniques to keep your team safe, including: