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Workplace Violence

“Workplace Violence” is defined as any act of violence or threat of violence that occurs in a place of employment.

There are four types of workplace violence. Type one is committed by those who have no legitimate reason to be in the business with the intent to commit a crime such as robbery. Type two is committed by customers, clients, students, or others who are being served by the business, such as an angry customer. Type three is committed by coworkers within the business. This can involve acts of revenge against others in the workplace. Type four is committed in the workplace by individuals who have personal relationships with someone in the business, such as a spouse or partner of a person who works there.

There can be more than one type of Workplace Violence committed on one occasion by an assailant.

It is the duty of a business not only to prevent Workplace Violence from happening but also to educate their employees on how to avoid and prepare for it if it occurs.


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